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🔴 LIVE | WildCraft: Animal Sim Online 3D | 💘 | The Wolf |

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⬇ The Wolf

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  1. You are just a cool and Legit skilled Yt I just dont watch your videos because they are very long Can you plz help me lvl up ? I too am a Yt . Channel is zDangerxBoy WildCraft

  2. ROB you are my favorite youtuber ever love you!!!

  3. Nice Live ROB1GRO ! & Good Luck To Get LvL 86 On The Wolf, 😊 Love You ROB1GRO 😉 Have A Nice Day ! 👍 😊

  4. me is ROB1GRO ,incredible,ruby,agam the gamer and toxic lamb

  5. i loved the video you were with the lynx and you played to the wolf you re my favorite

  6. The game was being very helpful for you for ur quest wasnt it

  7. Nice Rob today you are lvl 181 lynx and I am sure You will level up a bit in this video and by tomorrow I am sure you will reach lvl 200 Lynx

  8. Great Job Rob Champion of the wild/ wildcraft

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