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♚ ♛ ♜ ♝ ♞ ♟ Battle chess: Very nice effect

Game && game
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Battle vs Chess – Floating Island DLC
The brand new Master Campaign awaits you! Only one can be the Grandmaster, will you be the one to beat all six Masters of the Game?

The journey starts high above the clouds with your battle against the master of the wind. A totally new battlefield, the Floating Island lies there on flying isles of stone. Between burning fires and beautiful waterfalls you will fight till victory or defeat! All six masters will come for you with a different strategy, you will need all your knowledge and tactics to become the one Grandmaster!


  1. what's the kind of the kings who let their wifes to faces the others to win? @.@

  2. I'm not a good chess player by any stretch and this was painful to watch. Missed at least 2 checkmates that I saw a the end

  3. Nice try 😉 This is NOT the "Battle Chess" game. This is the "Battle Vs Chess" game 😀
    Great video, nonetheless 🙂

  4. hopefully you didnt end the game at 9:30 so that we could see the promotion effect(sadly nothing happens lol,it automatically replaces the pawn for a queen) for the pawn..if thats the case then thanks….

  5. Since they are moving i kind of feel sad for black and music is also sad it suits black….

  6. 🥇♟♟♟♟♟♟♟♟♟♟♟♟♟♟♟♟♟♟

  7. You need a lot of practice. Too many mistakes.

  8. Look nice tho pretty sure you could have won at 9:18 tho may be wrong my chess isn't the best am just ok.

  9. 25/5000

    what is the name of this game?

  10. Didn’t know until now that this classic Amiga game has been updated !
    Thanks for the video 🙂

  11. 9:29 could have won if you move the rook to F6 instead, it's checkmate

  12. I see some comments bashing the missopportunity for a checkmate at 9:30. But i'm far more disappointed reading no one criticizing the illegal move made litteraly fifty seconds earlier (namely the King moving to F5 at 8:40), that put it in instant checkmate by the Pawn's ability to move "En Passant" behind him.

    For those that do not know what "En Passant" is : it is an unique move in chess, specific to the Pawn only, that allows it to capture any piece located on the square right next to itself by diagonally relocating behind it, once passed the halfway mark on the board (the Pawn essentialy lose the ability to move two squares to gain the ability to ninja his way behind ennemy pieces.) So the moment the Black King moved from E6 to F5, the White Pawn on E5 had the right to move on F6 and taking the King "En Passant" (thus concluding the match.) And since in chess "any move made by the player that put it's own King in a checkmate is illegal" , the video should've stopped right there.

  13. красиво,но ходы глупые

  14. In the beginning, you were just bad, the opponent could develop pieces, but he didn’t do it, so good work


  16. Can this game be played on Android??

  17. Someone tell How to download for FREE🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  18. I thought this was a ad for a mobile game. This brings back memories of me playing battle chest.

  19. What's the name of the ge us it for android

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