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🚀I hope you enjoy this video that has been so difficult to make, this new version updates the first comparison of the channel of 2015. I also thank NAVIKMusic for their excellent work with music.

Galactia I Song Link:
Galactia II (Star Wars | The Expanse | Interstellar | Mass Effect):
YouTube Channel NAVIKMusic (Nevan Alexanian)

-Disclaimer: Alahenena is actually 7.6km long. Due to inconsistencies in the film, I gave it a size of 1200 km. Sorry for my mistake.

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  1. I love how everything seems so small compared to me. Yeah, I am bored of this galaxy… Next please.

  2. Super ultra unlimited super many many more

  3. But what about the bajillion million light year and doubling is length every nanosecond ship in my imagination?

  4. What about the Magog world ship from Andromeda?

  5. Installation 00: I'm the bigges-
    Dyson sphere and ringworld: nope.

  6. What about galactus ship?. Thing was as big as a galaxy if im not mistaken. Been a while since i read secret wars.

  7. Reaper from Mass Effect is the most alien looking one

  8. I swooned when I saw the Argo and the SDF-1.

  9. Hoping for the Gilgamesh from Children of Time

  10. Every other ship: expertly made; incredible detail.

    The Aurora: blob noises intensify

  11. Wait, where's Benny's Spaceship from The Lego Movie?

    The size could've been based on the size of the actual Lego set

  12. i really didn't expect the hocotate ship to be here!

  13. Bestes Video dass ich je gesehen habe! Ich liebe dich metaballstudios

  14. Star wars and star trek just dropping shapes like that 😂

  15. What is this gray object hanging in front of "Sanctuary II"?

  16. Man I can't wait to start reading Reference. The ships in it look cool

  17. И всего то… неужели никто не укурился до создания чего-то более масштабного, более галактики или вселенной))) строить то, не нужно)

  18. What about the Star Fox ships? Or Edens Zero? 🙁

    Boy, this would be a dope crossover! Imagine having to face an enemy fleet and you just see all these ships.

  19. After you considering updating the design of the Heighliner to the new movie?

  20. LOve the Destiny stuff kinda thought the Leviathan would be smaller tbh

  21. All these videos have that one moment where it starts pulling away for real and things are about to get absurd. I'm always waiting for it

    (Glad You had the macross, but was hoping for one of the big Zentraedi battleships)

  22. You sould have included The ship From Darlibg in is FRANXX

  23. what are the sound tracks for this video? thanks =D

    NYC: oh god please no. NO.

  25. Мой автомобиль проехал более чем Installation 00 в 2 раза

  26. Imagine saying “there it is…the Dyson sphere”


  28. The auroa the subnautica one doesn't look like that lol that one looked like it ate 8 big macs an hour

  29. Why was the mothership from Close Encounters of the Third Kind missing? Disappointed it was not in there, arguably a very iconic starship.

  30. I missed Battlestar Galactica's Cylon Resurrection Ship 😢

  31. When someone tells me "theres an evil floating sphere outside"

    I'm either thinking of the Death Star or that one sphere keeping John 117 away from Jamieson Locke (Halo 5)

  32. That little banner tow aircraft with the "Subscribe" banner got ya a subscription!!

  33. 🛰 🚀 🛸

    Hi 😃 Welcome to this video that shows the different sizes of s̲o̲m̲e̲ of the most popular spaceships.

    It is impossible to put all those that exist, I have tried to make a varied and extensive list,

    surely some important ones are missing, forgive me if your favorite starship is not there 😅

    The video includes spaceships, space stations and other types of space structures.

    The measurements that include a margin of error (±) are measured by myself with the maximum precision,

    the rest I include links in the description.

    ❤️Special thanks to NAVIKMusic for the great soundtrack. 🎶 youtube.com/navikmusic

    I hope you enjoy the show!

    PS: Did you see the hidden Godzilla?🤣🤣

    — My websites —–

    -Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/metaballstudios_official

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    🛰 🚀 🛸

    Hola 😃 Bienvenido a este video que muestra los diferentes tamaños de a̲l̲g̲u̲n̲a̲s̲ de las naves espaciales más populares.

    Es imposible poner todas las que existen, he intentado hacer una lista variada y extensa,

    seguro que faltan algunas importantes, perdóname si tu nave favorita no está ahí 😅

    El video incluye naves espaciales, estaciones espaciales y otros tipos de estructuras espaciales.

    Las medidas que incluyen un margen de error (±) las mido yo mismo con la máxima precisión,

    el resto incluyo enlaces en la descripción.

    ❤️Agradecimientos especiales a NAVIKMusic por la estupenda banda sonora.🎶 youtube.com/navikmusic

    ¡Espero que disfruten del espectáculo!

    PD: ¿Viste el Godzilla oculto?🤣🤣

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